пятница, 17 января 2014 г.

Opinion on Advertising.

1) Is advertising really important in our society? Why or why not?
I suppose that advertising is useful, but not interesting. It can help market products, but the information is usually boring. It annoys me.

2) Is it easy to get away from advertising?
I think, no. Today everything is surrounded by advertising. Wherever you may be, you will see ads. 

3) Do you agree that advertising affects people? Why or why not?
Of course. Advertising can choose other product. Because of ads we buy a lot of unuseful things. Many people are affected by advertising.

4) If you were a company owner would you spend money on advertising? Why or why not?
Yes, I would. Advertising will make my company more popular so I will have more money. It will lead me to success.

5) Which adverts do you like most? Why?
The adverts I like most are TV commercials. Sometimes they're very funny. I know a few that make me laugh.

6) Which ads annoy you most? Why?
The ones that annoy me most are pop-ups and some silly TV commercials. I can't concentrate when pop-ups are in the middle of computer screen.

7) Do you usually shop around or do you buy the first product you find?
I recently became always shop around. When I go to the shop I go for hours in search of the necessary things. I relate closely to each buying.

8) Do you read product reviews before buying anything?
No, I don't read product reviews. I pay attention to my opinion and help sellers. Sometimes I ask for help from friends.

9) Do you check out prices and compare products on the Net?
Sometimes, when I'm going to buy expensive product. But usually I don't check out prices online. 

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